Before you can have a successful online business, you need to find an avid market.  And one of the best ways to find an avid (aka “hungry”) market is to look at the magazine racks in the supermarket for specialized niches.

Well, on my trip to New York City, I stopped at my step sister’s house to visit,  and in her bathroom I saw a copy of “New York Runner” magazine.

I thought: “What a great niche!” This proves that if you are starting a website on running, specializing in a certain city would be a great idea.  If someone else has created a magazine for it, then that means there are readers for it.  And that means that there are advertisers for it.  And that means that YOU can make money at it.

So, if you are wondering what business you should go into, first find something that you are passionate about, then go see if someone has made a magazine out of that niche.

If so, then you know you have a passionate, viable, hungry market!

And if you are eager to get that website built for that passion you have, then I hope you will join me in the next Website Creation Workshop.  The fall semester starts next month.

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