Did you ever get in trouble for not putting your toys away as a kid?

I liked getting all of my toys out, playing with them inside and outside the house with my friends. Seems like in no time at all, my stuff would be everywhere.

That was fun.

My mom would get mad at me though if I didn’t put my toys away when it was time for dinner (isn’t that what we moms do though…).

That part wasn’t much fun.

What was worse though was when I left toys or equipment out on the playground at school I would get in real trouble.

There was a threat of real punishment from the yard duty or my teacher, or (yikes!) the school principal!

Now if you leave your toys out on the playground that I am going to give you, it’s OK with me.

In fact I will encourage you to bring lots of toys out, new toys, old toys, toys that look like ones you already have, and even some strange new toys that you might think you would never need.

And you can leave ’em out on your playground for as long as you want.

I promise, I won’t punish you for any of this.

I won’t punish you because one of the best things about the Website Creation Workshop I am inviting you to attend is that I give you your own Student WordPress Website that you can play around with however and as much as you want.

Your Student WordPress Website is your personal online playground. You can start writing on it. Change the way it looks. Change the colors. Change the header graphic. Change the design theme. Change the layout. Post up pictures and videos. Try out cool new plugins.

You can do all this as soon as the Website Creation Workshop begins because my staff and I will setup and host for you a brand-spanking-new WordPress 2.7 installation on my servers for you to play with as you please.

You won’t have to know anything about hosting, ftp-ing, or any of that techy stuff to start playing around on your playground. We do that for you so that you can get started learning how to build your website fast.

Come play with me and your new friends now and get your website built.

Come join us in the Website Creation Workshop

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