Taylor Swift ConcertLast night I went with my daughter to a Taylor Swift concert.

It was amazing!

There were 11,000 fans packed in a stadium all dressed up in colorful home make clothes, with their “We Love You Taylor” handmade signs, waving their glow sticks, all showing their adoration of Taylor Swift.

As I was experiencing the screaming, singing and jumping, I was thinking about the great job Taylor did in understanding her audience: Her fans are middle school girls.

Yes, there are some high school girls there too, and there were elementary kids too.  Even a few boys amongst the mothers and fathers who came as chaperones to the concert.

But what struck me about the whole thing, is that Taylor Swift knows her market and speaks directly to them! She talks about falling in love with boys, and then having your heart broken when you break up.  She talks about mean girls in school, and what it’s like to enter high school for the first time and how scary that is.

She is not trying to be all things to all people, she is just relating to the group who loves her!  And because of this, she is a huge hit!

Taylor Swift’s lesson on marketing  is to know your audience who loves you, and communicate directly to them!  Don’t worry about the everyone else.

So who is your market?  Have you defined who they are?  What age, what gender, what desires? Is your website speaking directly to them? (Feel free to comment in the box below)

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