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Description:  Letha Marchetti put this site together to showcase her offerings as an occupational therapist specializing in neuro-development. Letha helps transform the effects of disabling experiences into life changing inner strength with individual treatment, seminars, and consultation. She is a desired talk show guest and is working on a book to simplify neuro-developmental concepts and make using them fun.



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“With WCW, I was able to build my site in 2 months!”

I tried to build a WP site last year and ended up asking a professional to do it for me. The site builder asked me to provide all the info for the site. Since I didn’t know what the site would look like or how it would function, I didn’t know what info to provide. The professional was too busy to clarify this for me and the whole project stalled out.

With Christina’s Website Creation Workshop, I was able to build my site in 2 months! When my book comes out, I’ll be changing the web site – myself, without hiring or waiting on anyone. This has given me a great feeling of accomplishment. Besides Christina’s good teaching and responsive staff, her familiarity with templates was a great help and time saver for me. She took a look at what I was doing and made a solid suggestion of which template to try. This saved me a lot of trial and error and I believe countless hours. I’m not finished with the course yet and my site is up and functional. Thank you Christina.

Letha Marchetti