When you are building a WordPress website, you will want a good set of user-friendly plugins on your site.

Plugins are similar to apps for your phone. They’re additions to your WordPress site that enable you to do more with your site. In this blog post, I dive into the details of What is a WordPress Plugin?.

What do you want to do with your website? You may want to add a contact form or testimonials to your site. A plugin can help you do that. Do you need an online store on your WordPress website? Or create a photo gallery? You’ll need a plugin for both of those features.

Choosing the Right Plugin

In short, plugins are powerful tools and essential for building great websites. But how do you decide between the thousands of free plugins available?

Because I help non-techie business owners build great websites, the plugins I recommend to my students must meet three specific criteria. They must:

  • Do something useful for your website
  • Be simple to set up right “out of the box”
  • Be easy to figure out without having to read all the documentation 


1. Strong Testimonials
by WPChill

strong testimonials plugin

Using testimonials is a powerful tool to convert prospects into customers.  Display your client testimonials in a professional and organized manner. This plugin will make it easy for you to create compelling testimonials on your website.

2. Broken Link Checker

broken link checker

Checking for broken links is a tedious task if you have a huge site.  This plugin has you covered. It checks for broken links in posts, pages, comments, the blogroll, and custom fields. It also detects missing images.

3. Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnails
by Kybernetik Services

recent post widgets

Display your blog posts in a way that helps your readers find exactly what they want to read.  This plugin will enable you to create a list of posts with excerpts AND thumbnail images.

4. Yoast Duplicate Post
by Enrico Battocchi & Team Yoast

yoast duplicate post

If you’ve created a post or page you love, you can copy that page to use as a starting point for a new one.  This plugin will duplicate a page or post with a simple click of a button.

5. Coming Soon, Maintenance Mode & more
by SeedProd

landing page builder

Do you want an “Under Construction” or “Coming Soon” page while you are developing or updating your site? Would you like to create a landing page with a look that’s different from your website? This plugin easily and quickly lets you do that.

How about you? Is there a specific plugin you love and can’t live without? Please share by commenting below.

(This article first appeared in Feb 2014. It has been updated with a new plugin list)


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