If you are a business that has a physical location that your customers visit, or if you are holding a live event, you will want to embed a Google Map on your website. By having a map on your site,  you show people your location in a very visual way.

Google Maps, like any other Google products, keep adding more features all the time. This video by Google Maps shows a good overview:

If you want to show the location of your event, etc., you can easily embed Google Maps in your web pages or posts. For example, I’ve embedded a map of San Diego below, where I  hold all of my live events.


How to Embed a Google Map:

  1. Go to https://www.google.com/maps and search for the place you want to show a map.
  2. In the area  that shows up the left, locate the share button and click on it.

    Click to Share to Embed a Google Map

  3. A new pop-up window appears with a map image. Click on the “Embed map” tab. Click on a little triangle beside “Medium” to select a desired map size. Then select the code that appears, right-click on it, and choose “copy.” Now the embed code is copied to your computer’s clipboard.

    Get Embed a Google Map Code

  4. Go to the code view of the webpage (In WordPress, that would be the “Text” tab of your page/post editor.). Just insert the code by right-click where you want the map to appear and select “paste.”

As you can see, when you embed a Google Map, you can make it easy to find your location for your business, or where you are holding your event!

Google Maps could also work as a wonderful tool for your business in many other ways, too! If you have a local business, for example, you’ve got to look into Google My Business, including the Google Maps features. Learn more about Google My Business in my blog post here.

(This post was originally published on August 30, 2012.)

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