When I first started my business, I remember being really confused about a lot of the different pieces I needed in order to succeed online.

It seemed like there were so many different options but no one could (or would) tell me which strategy, tactic, or tool I needed based on where I was in my business and what I wanted to achieve. 

Have you ever felt that way? 

It’s a surefire recipe for staying stuck!

That’s why I created this super fun and easy tool to use when it comes to understanding the different types of websites out there and exactly which one you need right now.

free report - 7 website types

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It’s called “The 7 Most Effective Website Types For Your Business (And How to Know Which One You Need to Build First to Get The Best Results In Record Time)”.

Be sure to watch the short training video (you get after opt in) I created that goes along with this Cheat Sheet.

In it, I demystify the different website types and how to know which one makes the most sense for you and which ones you might be missing.


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