Have you heard the term “Evergreen Content” ? More and more people running online businesses seem to be using that term in recent years. In this post, I’m going to explain what “Evergreen Content” means in layman’s terms and why you might want incorporate “evergreen content” in your business.

Here is a dictionary definition:

“Evergreen” – Having an enduring freshness, success, or popularity. (from the Oxford Dictionaries)

Evergreen plants are called “evergreen” because they have green leaves throughout the year, regardless of the season. Even if we see them in the middle of the winter, they are, well, green!

What “Evergreen” means in the online world

Just like evergreen plants, evergreen contents stay relevant and fresh throughout the year and beyond. In other words, they don’t get old quickly as the time passes. Their lifespans are much longer than, say, news articles.

Here is an example. I write a lot about WordPress, which I believe is the best website platform especially for non-techie business owners. My articles on the new releases of WordPress get outdated as soon as a newer version comes out several times a year. However, most of my articles on WordPress Tips are evergreen as the content is useful last month, today, and next month!

Benefits of having “evergreen” content

In general, it’s a great idea to have some evergreen content on your website. Here are some reasons why…

1. It’s great for Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are smart. They can identify content that has become obsolete and that is still relevant after some time. So, if you have evergreen posts/articles on your blog, the chances are, they have much longer lifespan in search engine results, too. You of course should always make sure that your evergreen posts use the keywords that are not time-specific and are of your readers’ interests.

With the right content, your evergreen posts can drive traffic to your website for years!

2. You can recycle your Evergreen Content

When you get that writer’s block, you can look at your evergreen posts/articles you did in the past to see if there is anything you feel might be useful to your readers who might not have seen it when it originally got published. Your readers would love to see great content on the front page of your blog even if it’s something you wrote months or years ago.

3. Evergreen Content is easy to update/maintain

In this fast-paced online world where technology changes lightening fast, you often need to constantly keep updating “how-to” type of posts/articles.  Imagine you wrote an article on how to use a smart phone 5 years ago… You probably have had to update that article 100 times by now!

Evergreen articles, in contrast, are much easier to maintain as the content shouldn’t change that often. There may be some updates you want to make, but that’s it. (And if you are using WordPress, it’s of course so easy to make little edits to your blog posts!)

Examples of Evergreen Content

Don’t know where to start to create evergreen content? Here are some ideas:

  • Useful principles in your industry
  • Explanation of industry jargons (like this post you are reading)
  • Tips and tricks
  • Mindset
  • “Why you should…”
  • How-to’s that can be used over years
  • Your view on a topic (that’s not considered “news”)
  • Book recommendations
  • …and anything else you can think of that your readers can enjoy for a long period of time

Your products can be evergreen, too

This “evergreen” concept can be used in other areas of your online business.

For example, recorded online classes are a great example of evergreen products. You can upload various online contents (videos, audios, documents, etc.) to a members-only area, and set it up so that people can purchase and consume your content without you having to teach the entire class live again.  And so that people can buy your course at any time 🙂

I run my Graphics Creation Workshop as an evergreen course, as design and graphics principles stay the same throughout time!  Check it out here.

Now go and look at your business and come up with some Evergreen content ideas you can write articles on for your blog, or create products/programs that will last forever!


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