I think it’s pretty safe to say almost all of us love watching videos. And when you think of videos, you usually think of YouTube.  Videos are easy to watch for both entertainment and learning. No wonder many online marketers now use videos as an important part of their marketing efforts.

When putting up a video online, many of us think of one of these popular services: YouTube and Vimeo. They both let you upload and share your videos very easily. But what’s the difference between them? And which one is better for YOUR business?


Needless to say, YouTube is wildly popular among large audience consisting of all ages and various demographics all over the world. Here are the current stats for them.

  • over a billion users
  • billions of views daily
  • available in 76 different languages

It also has become “the” destination for people looking for how-to’s on everything from plumbing to makeups to computer software, making it even more attractive to marketers.

Beside its large audience base, here are some pros of using YouTube.

  • Free to have a YouTube channel and upload/share videos
  • Potential to earn money by allowing advertisements to show before/during your videos
  • 2nd most popular search engine


Although Vimeo is not as widely used as YouTube, it boasts users who in general are considered more mature (less spammy comments, etc.), and it gives many features that YouTube doesn’t. Here are the current stats, go here):

  • 170 million viewers worldwide
  • 25 million registered members
  • 715 million monthly views

Vimeo offers different levels of paid plans, catering to needs of various businesses. Here are some of the features:

  • Offers various privacy options
  • Support available
  • Video stats available

I have mostly used YouTube to host my free videos, people are very comfortable watching videos there because they know they can trust it.  And if you are wondering about the copyrights of using other people’s videos embedded into your website, read this article here on embedding youtube videos is not a copyright violation

If you want to host your own videos, you can get started with either service for free, so I recommend trying both of them to determine which one works better for your business (or even use both in different areas of your business). The important thing is to get started!

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