The world becomes more and more digital with each passing year, and this is especially so with the pandemic!
And because of it, so much of our life now takes place online now.  We juggle many different passwords to log in to our various websites (WordPress being one of them) and other online sites.

You need to log in to send out emails, take training courses, put your products/services up for sale,
conduct Zoom meetings, and more. Add this to all the personal sites you use, and you have a lot of passwords
to keep track of!  Do you go crazy trying to remember all of those passwords?

Do you waste precious time trying to remember passwords? And then resetting them when
you get locked out? 

You’re not alone…

If you feel overwhelmed trying to remember the login credentials to all the sites you use, you’re not alone! It seems impossible to remember passwords. We’ve all felt that aggravation of getting locked out of a site because of too many failed login attempts.  

On top of that, every website has different rules about what kind of password it requires. Use symbols, don’t use symbols, must be at least 10 characters, must have a number, must have a capital letter, etc.

Comedian Don Friesen perfectly articulates our frustrations with passwords in his short comedy routine below. Watch this funny video that illustrates the point. It will make you laugh and relieve some stress!  (It did so for me 🙂 )

Why are Strong Passwords So Important?

Choosing a password can seem annoying, especially when it has a list of requirements. But unbreakable passwords reduce your chance of financial fraud or identity theft.  

In a recent experiment by Ars Technica, hackers managed to crack 16 character passwords in less than an hour.  Why are hackers after your passwords? There’s a huge black market on the web for those stolen passwords. 

Yet, there’s a reason so many of us have ignored the advice to have strong passwords. It’s impossible to remember them all! 

So… how are you supposed to keep track of so many different unique passwords? Here are my top 3 tips.

Tip #1 – Use a Password Manager

My password manager of choice is LastPass ( It’s a password manager, auto form filler, password generator, and secure digital wallet. LastPass has a password vault where you can view your accounts and passwords by category. You can add new passwords, edit, delete, and organize.  

Best of all, there is only ONE master password to remember. Add the LastPass extension to your browser, and it’ll generate and save passwords for all your sites. Here are some other reputable password managers:

Tip #2 – Use Longer, Stronger Passwords

One of my biggest challenges is trying to think of a ‘strong’ password that I’m going to remember. I use LastPass, so it will generate and save the password for me. However, if you don’t want to use a password manager, here are some tools you can use to generate strong passwords:

Tip #3 – Don’t Reuse Your Passwords!

Many people use the same one or two passwords for the majority (or all) of their accounts. This is a big mistake. Even if that one password is strong, you’re at a greater risk than someone who’s using different passwords for all their accounts.  

The first point of entry for most hackers is your password. If you reuse the same password, a hacker can crack the one password and hack into multiple accounts. It’s important to use a different (or unique) password for your accounts.  

Final Thoughts on Remembering Passwords

If you can’t remember your passwords, it’s not because you’re getting old. The world now is more digital and complicated. And if you run a WordPress website, read this on the 5 different hack attacks that can shut down your WordPress Site.

Don’t drive yourself crazy anymore trying to remember a bunch of long passwords. Use a password manager and let technology do the hard work! It’ll have a huge impact on your security and your sanity! It’s the system I use.

How are you keeping track of your passwords?

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