Are you an author looking for examples of great author websites in WordPress? Well check out these beautiful websites that some of my students, who are authors,  have created in the Website Creation Workshop.  Authors need websites to promote their books!  This is what publishers are looking for.  Publishers want to see that authors have a platform and will be able to gain a following for their books.  This is why I put together this collection of author websites in WordPress

See 6 Examples of Author Websites in WordPress:

Nanci Rathbun
Author websites in WordPress - example Nanci Rathbun's


Susan Alexander

Author websites in WordPress - example Suzanne Stengl's


Suzanne Stengl

Author websites in WordPress - example Susan Alexander's


Carol Hughes

Author Website in WordPress - screenshot of Kristi Holl's


Anna Hourihan

Author/Publisher Website in WordPress -

Sally Stone

Author websites in WordPress - Example Sally Stone(Sally has built more than 1 website!)

I also asked a web designer friend how much he would charge to build websites like these… He said that he would charge $5,000-10,000 per website to build websites like these above. But you don’t have to pay that much for just *one* website…

You can easily do this yourself for a fraction of that in the Website Creation Workshop.

Even if you’re a non-techie author or aspiring author.

None of the people  who built these sites were the techie,programmer type… They are authors! Busy people like you who just want to do good work and serve. If you’re an author, you need to have a platform and a following to get a publisher and promote your books.  A website is your ticket to that!


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