Health and wellness have become increasingly important in our lives. People are looking for ways to live healthier and happier lives. Whether it’s through fitness, nutrition, mental health, or alternative therapies, there are countless ways to support our well-being.

In any industry, it’s essential to have a website that attracts clients and showcases your expertise and services. If you’re in the health and wellness industry, your website is an important part of building a relationship and community with your audience.

In this post, I’ll highlight some fantastic websites built by Website Creation Workshop students who specialize in health and wellness. I hope this gives you inspiration and insights into how to create an effective and engaging website for your own business!

Health and Wellness Websites Built in the Website Creation Workshop:

Take a look at these 5 websites created by my Website Creation Workshop students. They share a similar story. These professionals wanted to build a great-looking website that reflected their business. They wanted to learn how to do it themselves, so they could control all aspects of it.

Carolyn Lewiscarolyn lewis website

Theme: Spacious

“It was worth every penny and every hour I spent on it!”

carolyn lewis

I am not technically inclined but I love to learn. Christina’s class started with small steps that built my confidence and prepared me for the more complex steps that came later. It was engaging, interesting and inspiring. I am so happy to now have the ability to continue forward making small or big changes to my website when I want to. It will help me to keep my website fresh and in keeping with my evolving hypnotherapy practice.

I loved the whole process and felt great support from Christina and her assistants through the Facebook group and the webinars. They would always help us keep moving along and resolving whatever obstacles we might encounter. It was worth every penny and every hour I spent on it!

Carolyn Lewis


Carol Griesmeyer

Oregon city acupunctureTheme: Spacious

“Highly recommend this course!”

Thank you to Christina and her team for the great support all the way! You can be a non-geek and get this done, in your time.

You have the info to review and ask the same questions many times until it clicks. It’s a great way to create an awesome website and maintain control over it. Highly recommend this course!

Carol Griesmeyer


Ginny Massie

Pilates education with ginny massie website screenshot

Theme: Ashe Pro

“I’m so excited to put out such a quality site!”

Christina’s program taught me all the nuts and bolts of the behind-the-scenes info that I’ve been missing. This is the third website that I’ve built in the last 14 years, but it is by far the best because of what I learned in Christina’s program. Not only does it look good, I have every confidence now when working in the back end that I know what I’m doing. Thank you so much! I’m so excited to put out such a quality site that will provide an easy and beautiful user experience.

Ginny Massie


Sylvia Galletta

Sylvia Galletta website

Theme: Divi

“I am thrilled with my site and this new creative skill set!”

I am beyond amazed with the website I created to launch a new service I offer. I was certainly intimidated at first embarking at what seemed like a monumental task.

Christina Hills and the Website Creation Workshop have been such an incredible, supportive team to guide me on this project. The platform, videos and teachings were easy to follow and top notch. I am thrilled with my site and this new creative skill set, and having complete autonomy for managing my site. I can’t wait to get started on my second site!

Sylvia Galletta


Sarah Huntting
Sarah Huntting Website

Theme: Ashe Pro

“The Website Creation Workshop gives you all the tools, guidance and support you need to create a stunning website!”

Hands down, this is one of the best online courses I’ve ever taken. I’m not tech savvy and I was skeptical as to whether or not I would be able to finish the course, let alone create a website I really liked. To my surprise, not only did I finish the course, I now have a website I love that I can confidently manage on my own.
The Website Creation Workshop gives you all the tools, guidance and support you need to create a stunning website. I can’t recommend Website Creation Workshop highly enough! Thank you for all of your support, patience and guidance!
Sarah Huntting

Your Website

Regardless of your industry, having a professional website is crucial in today's digital age. Your website serves as a virtual storefront. It can help you reach new clients and establish credibility. Furthermore, your website is the 'first impression" many people get of your business. The health and wellness industry is a prime example of how effective websites can be in showcasing expertise and attracting clients.

You too can create a website that accurately represents your business and its values. So, whether you're a health and wellness practitioner or a business owner in another industry, don't underestimate the power of a professional website in achieving your business goals. Now, take the leap as these students did!

Build Your Website Too!

In the Website Creation Workshop, you can create, build, and manage your own website for a fraction of the cost of what a web designer would charge, even if you're a non-techie fitness coach or therapist!

The students who created the above sites don't have any special website-building background. However, now they can share their businesses with the world using the websites they built themselves! In addition, they can make updates immediately, without waiting for a busy web designer.

In closing, are you interested in doing the same for yourself? I can help you with my Website Creation Workshop! Also, check out my Website Marketing Workshop Program if you already have a WordPress website, but you're ready to take it to the next level. 


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