Debra Marrs is a success story. She took the Website Creation Workshop in the fall with me. This is a short audio of a conversation we had in the class that I wanted to share with you. Debra is living proof of how this course will get you to take ACTION with your websites and with taking control of your websites and accomplishing your goals.

Read this and listen to what she said

DEBRA: Thank you so much for the class. This is–Ditto what so many others have said–it’s activated me. I tend to be a learner and I like to learn a lot of things, but I don’t take action. You’ve inspired me, as you can see, to take action, and just be playing around with it and just having the student area does build confidence so much.

CHRISTINA: I’m so glad you feel that way. I want you guys to learn this, but I want you to actually do it; not just learn it, but do it.

Debra Marrs

DEBRA: And you have inspired me, and that was actually a line in your sales copy, so repeat it again for all of us learners in your next sales copy. Because it was the thing, that said ‘you’ve gotta buy this’ because this will make you do it, Debra.

CHRISTINA: Right, I mean people including myself buy courses and then they kind of sit there and I don’t do it. This class, my goal, and that’s why I have installed all these student projects which takes a lot of time. My assistants are installing these WordPress websites but its to help you get over that hump of getting going.

DEBRA: Absolutely!

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