Christina Hills began her Website Creation Workshop after creating her very first WordPress site for her daughter’s dance class. At first Christina was intimidated, but with a little persuasion and assistance from her husband, she was amazed at how easy the installation and setup truly was. She thought that only trained professionals could use WordPress and that it was too advanced for the average person. She was shocked to find out otherwise. Within 15 minutes her site had been set up; the domain and hosting had been purchased and the free template had been installed. Ta-da the Nutcracker website had been born.

Then the light bulb came on! Christina had found her calling! She was ready to show other entrepreneurs how easy it was for them to create their own websites without hiring an expensive web designer.

In this video, she will show you exactly how simple it is.


First thing is to purchase your domain name. She uses but you can use anyone that you prefer.

Second is to purchase web hosting (they do have an option to purchase your domain name at the same time as setting up your hosting). She uses but again you can use whoever you prefer.

Once your web hosting is set up, you can install WordPress. It will provide you with a very basic WordPress template with very generic content.

WordPress is divided into your content and your design. This allows you to be flexible with your template options.

Now it’s time to locate what template you would like to use. Christina Hills Googled “Christmas WordPress theme”. She was able to locate the perfect design for her project. The designs will show you exactly how to install it inside your WordPress dashboard.

Head on over to your theme section and follow the instructions.

TA-DA the website theme is installed. See how super easy it is?!

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