Conversation Between Tiffany Rowan and Christina Hills During the Last Website Creation Workshop

This is an audio and  transcript of a  conversation that I had with one of my student in the website creation workshop.  It’s so powerful, that I’ve included this conversation here for you to experience.  I’d love for you to be a success story like Tiffany and join me in the next Website Creation Workshop.  Registration is only open for a few more days.  Go Register Here Now >>>

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Tiffany: For a year and a half before this course, I had a goal to start a website, but I didn’t know how to build one. I would barter with other people for their webmaster services, but none of them kept their end of the deal. So I still didn’t have a domain name, I still didn’t have any hosting, I didn’t have a website, I didn’t have anything. I decided enough time had been wasted so I needed to just learn how to build a website myself. The only way I knew how to do that was to enroll in college for a semester. Enrollment fees on top of tuition sounded stupid for just one class or one semester. I would have to put my one-year old in day care just to attend college classes which meant the total fees were getting higher and higher. Something just kept telling me that’s not the right thing to do.

I heard some of your alumni, Jeff Herring and Maritza Parra, advertise your course on a teleseminar. Maritza bragged about how easy it was, how non-techie it was, and how alumni get to attend future Website Creation Workshops for free. The teleseminar was the night before you were closing registration so I had a decision to make quickly. When my husband heard my excitement of how this course would save me from all the college fees, time away from home, and someone else raising our child while she was in day care, he sacrificed his birthday money to pay for this course.

I’m so glad we did it because I really didn’t get a chance to shop around on the internet. But since then, I have been looking at your competitors, and some of their classes started after yours, and they’ve already finished before yours has ended. In looking at what they offer, and how they are leaving their students hanging, I’m just really glad things fell into place the way they did. And I’m really grateful for everything that you advertised. It is more than what you advertised. Listening to Jeff and Maritza gave me the confidence because we can come back as alumni in the next semester and anything that I was intimidated about in the current semester I knew I could go back and learn it again, and that was a bonus for me.

I’m one of those who likes to stand over my dad and watch him change the alternator so I can do it. I want to stand over the roofer and watch how he’s doing it so I can repair a roof later. It was nice to come in on these webinars, and stand over your shoulder (so to speak) watching you plug in each module or each technique, and learn something that should be technically hard but wasn’t. It was just wonderful to stand over your shoulder and watch you do that. All the bonuses have been more than what you advertised for, and I’m guessing really this class is worth over $10,000 and we didn’t pay even a 5th of that.

Christina: Tiffany, this class used to be a shorter class and the first time I taught it, I think it was like a month class. Then I realized students need more time, it has to be a longer course. So I stretched it out, and stretched it out, and I think the 2 1/2 to 3 month time frame. When you’re signing up, it feels like, “wow, why does it take so long?” But it really is what students need — that extra time, that 3 months together.

Then you’re going to be thrilled coming back in the fall because just like the other alumni you’ve heard of, then you really get it even more ingrained. It’s different for each person; some people have different goals for what they want their websites to do. But Maritza was one of my students early on, and she’s totally taken off. She just keeps building more and more websites, and I joke about it in the beginning and, in fact, I think I need to teach a class on Google Docs, how to use the Google Docs spreadsheet. I’m serious, you’ll build so many websites you can’t remember which ones you’ve built because they just start flowing out of you. You get an idea like “I want to put together a baby album of photos for my baby or my children”, and I’ll have a page for each child and that’s all the website will be is a big photo collection. It just goes on and one. So get out your spreadsheet.

Tiffany: You’re being humble talking about spreading out your class. I have been watching, especially this two-person team and what they advertise for their WordPress class. I don’t like how they are rarely sending out emails; they really aren’t offering to their students the generosity you offer. Your passion in helping people is obviously bringing back a karma because the alumni that are in your class are also helping us. Your virtual assistants, Cathy and Debra, have been wonderful and anything that might have been a void or a miss in some of the curriculum they have it for us. We could Google the answer ourselves or ask our website-theme support teams. Debra has been wonderful in doing the searches for us and giving us the links to the answers. Cathy knows what you need during webinars, and she’ll have what you need right there when you need it.

You’re passionate, down to earth, and offer a very knowledgeable service, and I’m definitely going to be advertising this. I have other people who are excited, and they can’t wait for the Fall Workshop to begin because they see what I’ve made. I look at my permalinks and go “I did that!”

Christina: I know it feels good.

Tiffany: I’m like “look honey, look what this does!” I go all the way down the page, and then I put in my plug-in that allows you to go back to the top of the page. My registration now goes to PayPal, and I know how to do that. I get so excited! I’m connected with your bonus guests, and these people have given us other ideas, and I can’t wait to now make home course DVD’s, and my creativity is just going wild, and I’m so excited that I can do so much with my website. So ‘thank you’ to you, Cathy and Debra and all the people behind the scenes, thank you, thank you. I’m so excited for us students, yeah!!

Christina: Yeah!! One of my team members who is a big part of this that I haven’t mentioned and my main behind the scenes gal, one is Hellen who is keeping the student projects together and so I do want to acknowledge her and say thank you.

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Here is one of the sites she has built.  From total Newbie to Website Creation Champ!

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