As of this writing, there are almost 6,000 free WordPress themes available in the Free WordPress theme directory, and of course, there are also many premium paid themes as well. With such an ample amount of options, you should be able to find a perfect WordPress theme for your website.

“But Christina, I don’t even know what to look for when choosing a theme. Can I just pick a pretty theme I like?”

An excellent question!

When choosing a WordPress theme design, we tend to like visually attractive themes. However, there are some points you should check before committing yourself to a theme.

Watch video on the 6 things to consider when evaluating any WordPress theme:

Makes sense?  Read below for what I covered in that video:

Here are the 6 Things to Ask When Picking a WordPress Theme Design:

1. Can You Get a Variety of Layouts with the Theme?

Do you want to have different layouts for your pages and your home page? Want to have a sidebar on certain pages, but not on others? Different themes provide different numbers of layout options.

2. Can You Create a Variety of Color Schemes with the Theme?

Many themes come with built-in color schemes that you can choose from. There are themes that let you create your own color schemes, too. This is something to check out if color is important to you.

3. How Many Widgets Options Does it Have?

Widgets help you add content to various locations on your website, and the number of widgets or the location of the widgets vary from theme to theme.

4. How Many “Page Templates” Does the Theme Have?

Many people confuse “page templates” and “themes,” but they are different. A page template is in fact a “template” with a set page layout, so the more templates a theme has, the more flexibility you will have.

5. Homepage Design?

A home page is very often the first page your website visitor will see, so you want to be very strategic about what to show on your home page! Give it good thought and choose a theme that will let you show what you want to show on the home page.

6. Is The Theme Mobile Responsive ?

More and more people are surfing the web on their phone instead of their desktop. So make sure to choose a theme that will display your website beautifully and legibly on a small screen as well as on a regular computer screen.


There are many designs to choose from when picking a WordPress theme for your website.  For some it can get overwhelming, but if you stick to the 6 points above, it will be much easier make your decision.  And the great thing is, if you pick a theme that does not work out, you can always swap it out for a new one!

Have fun exploring WordPress themes and experiment!

The theme I use for this site is the magazine style version of Divi, called the “Extra” Theme.  They are both from Elegant Themes (my affiliate links).

Elegant Themes WordPress Premium Themes

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