Have you been wondering how to open a website hosting account with Bluehost so you can build your own website? 

Well choosing the right website hosting provider is one of the most important steps you need to take when building a WordPress website. I get questions about website hosting from my students — both novice and advanced WordPress users — all the time!

Hosting your site with the right company can in fact make your life so much easier as you build and maintain your WordPress site. Here are some things to consider.

  • how to open a website hosting account with BluehostIs the hosting company WordPress-friendly? Does it have:
    • One-click WordPress install
    • Help desk with staff very familiar with WordPress
    • A control panel that’s easy to use (cPanel and additional control panel with special tools specific for WordPress sites)
    • Very well documented how-to’s on hosting issues related to WordPress
    • WordPress site backups
    • WordPress plugin/theme monitoring
  • Does it give you enough speed?
  • Do they have support that can address your questions/issues in a very timely manner?
  • Do they offer a free SSL certificate for each domain name you own?

We all have unique needs, and no single host can work for everybody. But when my students ask me for hosting recommendations, there are a few hosting companies I share, based on my years of experience running countless number of WordPress websites. One of those companies is Bluehost (my affiliate link). In fact, I’ve been using them for over 10 years!

Bluehost is, without question, very WordPress user-friendly. Plus they are always making improvements! In fact, earlier this year, they introduced a brand-new interface for WordPress users, and it looks great.

In this post, I’d like to take you through the steps of opening up a website hosting account with Bluehost (my affiliate link).

Steps on How to Open a Website Hosting Account with Bluehost

Click on the video below to follow see how, or scroll below for the written steps


Step 1. Go to Bluehost at http://www.christinasresources.com/bluehost (my affiliate ink) or by going to http://www.TheBestHostNow.com (my other affiliate link) and click on the green “Get Started Now” button.

Step 2. In the next screen, view the available plans. (I always pick the plus plan, but with the prime plan the same price, I’d go for that. )  Then click on the “select” button for the plan of your choice.

Step 3. In the next screen, you be entering your domain name. (Check out my explanation of domain vs. hosting if you don’t understand the difference.)

  1. Don’t have any domain name yet? Then enter what you’d like to have as your domain name under “new domain” and click “next.” (If the domain name you’d like to use isn’t available, you’ll get an option to choose one later, so just select that to move to the next step.)   Or go buy a domain name at Godaddy and then come back here and do part b
  2. Already have a domain name?  Enter that domain under “I have a domain name and click “next.”

how to open a bluehost website hosting account - step 3

4. Enter Your Account Information and Pick a Package plan:  You’ll need to enter your account information (don’t worry this is all kept private) and pick the account plan here along with any extra options. Just choose what you feel comfortable with. The options can be added later, so don’t worry about those at this point. Be sure to enter the correct information, especially your email address, so that you’ll receive your login information as soon as it’s set up.

how to open a bluehost website hosting account - step 4

Step 5. Enter your payment information, review/agree with their terms and services, and click on “submit” to complete the payment.

how to open a bluehost website hosting account - step 5

Step 6. Create a password.  Once you click submit, on the next screen you will be asked to create a password for your web hosting account.  Click on “Create your password.”

how to open a bluehost website hosting account - step 6

Step 7. Confirm Your Password.  Just like any password you create for online use, be sure it’s a strong password and record it somewhere safe.  Then click “Next.”

how to open a bluehost website hosting account - step 7(Having a hard time organizing your passwords? Read this post for some great tools to help you with that.)

Step 8. Congrats! You are done! You can now log in from the next screen.

how to open a bluehost website hosting account - step 8

That is it! Now that your hosting account has been established you can have lots of fun exploring and building your WordPress site.

There are Many Tools Available Inside Your Bluehost Account

When you log in to your Bluehost (my affiliate link) account either by directly going here to www.ChristinasResources.com/bluehost (my affiliate link) or by going to http://www.TheBestHostNow.com (my other affiliate link) and clicking on the “login” link at top-right:how to open a bluehost website hosting account - login

  you’ll see a screen like the one shown below.

how to open a website hosting account - inside bluehost control panel

Here are the things you can do from inside your account:

  • Got an overview of your WordPress site(s) hosted in this account.
  • Manage/update themes, plugins, and users.
  • View the “marketplace” where you can find premium add-ons, themes, plugins, and more.
  • Manage emails and domains.
  • …and they seem to be adding more features here, too.

I’m totally excited about how Bluehost has made this so easy!

So now that you know how to open a website hosting account, go ahead to www.ChristinasResources.com/bluehost (my affiliate link) and open an account today!

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