Offering free webinars and teleseminars is a must for an online business. And if you know me, you probably know I run lots and lots of live calls. My Website Creation Workshop program and WCW Club both include training and live Q&A calls.  And when I promote a new class,  I am inspired, I offer free live training webinars to promote my new classes. Oh, and I also host live calls with expert guests when I feel the knowledge that my guest shares would benefit my community.

Running calls “live” is really lot of fun. You get to interact with people right on the call, and the energy and feedback you get from those calls are truly valuable. They motivate me and help me improve the way I help my students tremendously.

Considering holding live calls yourself? Great!

It might be scary to do your first live call. After all, you’ll have to get all the ducks in a row to make your call a success.

There are various tools out there you might want to use to run a successful live call. They all have different features, so you’ll need to sit down to think about which tools will meet your needs. I also tried many tools before deciding which ones work the best for me and my students/audience.

Here are the tools that I’m currently using. I love them all, and recommend that you check them out, too!

leadpagesLeadPages – for opt-in and thank you pages for live calls

LeadPages makes it so easy to create opt-in pages for live calls on the fly by using their templates. Their templates are all tested for great conversions, and their server is known to be fast, minimizing the number of people who leave the opt-in page while waiting for the page to load.

They host your pages, but with LeadPages plugin, you can also use your domain URL for the pages you create. It integrates nicely with other tools such as Aweber and GoToWebinar as well.

aweberAweber – for email communications about the live call

You’ll need an email tool that allows you to market your live call and send confirmation/reminder/followup emails. Aweber is known for its excellent deliverability, which I think is very important now that more and more emails are blocked between the sender and the recipient due to the heightened spam protection measures employed by Internet service providers and email browsers.

Aweber is very intuitive, yet provides many useful features that are especially attractive to marketers. If you want an email service that’s solid and also provides you more space to grow, I highly recommend Aweber.

instantteleseminarInstant Teleseminar – for live teleseminars and slide presentations

Instant Teleseminar is a perfect tool when you just want to do a slide presentation or conduct a teleseminar. It’s extremely easy to use, and when the live call is over, it automatically creates a replay.

It provides many customization options to meet your needs. You want your audience to download the audio afterwards? No problem. Want to give people an option to attend the call on the computer or telephone? That’s covered. They offer a 21-day free trial so that you can try out all the features.

gotowebinarGoToWebinar – for live demos and classes

I do a lot of live online demonstrations, using GoToWebinar. It allows me to show my computer screen to the audience; it comes in handy especially when I want to explain how to do a certain task.

It’s easy to add panelists to the webinar when you have guests who will be presenting a portion of a webinar. The system will let you choose who should be controlling the screen at any point.

Do you run live calls? Any tools you absolutely love? Please share in the comment section below!

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