I’ve been wanting to post something about the coronavirus and having an online business, but I have not found quite the right words yet. But I can say that the time is right to get your business online. And that starts with having a webinar system.

I’ve been running webinars for years in all of my programs. In my signature course:  the Website Creation Workshop program, we have been using webinars since 2008. And anytime I promote a new program, I use a webinar to get my message out.

Are you considering switching from live interactions to online?

There are various tools out there you can use to run a successful webinar.  They all have different features, so you’ll need to think about which tool will fit your needs.  

Here are 3 Webinar Tools to Run Live Webinars:


Zoom is very popular these days for online meetings, consulting calls, or training webinars.  It’s easy to use and easy for people to join.  You can attend a zoom call from your desktop, laptop, or mobile phone.  They have a free and a paid version of the software.

instantteleseminarInstant Teleseminar

Instant Teleseminar is a great system when you just want to do a slide presentation or conduct an audio-only teleseminar. It’s extremely easy to use, and when the live call is over, it automatically creates a replay for you.


I do most of my online classes, using GoToWebinar. It allows me to show my computer screen to the audience; it comes in handy especially when I want to explain visually how to do something.

It’s easy to add panelists (other teachers) to the webinar when you have guest experts on your webinar.

So pick one of these systems, you don’t need all three, just one.  And get started doing webinars!

Have you tried any of these systems?  if so, post a comment on your favorite below.

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