Dinah_WashingtonThis month, a new version of WordPress came out. WordPress 4.1 is nicknamed “Dinah,” in honor of jazz singer, Dinah Washington.

The changes that came with this release are not as extensive as the last 4.0 major release, and most of us will not really see a big difference even after the version update. But there are some not-so-obvious cool features with WordPress 4.1.

This Short Video to Shows You Highlights of WordPress 4.1

New Default Theme: Twenty Fifteen

With WordPress 4.1, they introduced a new default theme (the theme that is used when you install a fresh copy of WordPress) called Twenty Fifteen. Like any other default themes, Twenty Fifteen has a very simple and clean layout, designed with readability on various mobile devices in mind. If you run a non-English language site, you’ll also appreciate the fact this theme uses Google’s Noto font family that’s created to provide great readability across languages.


Hide Distractions

When you click on the little “distraction-free writing mode” icon on the tool bar, the sidebars, etc.  disappear. Now you are in the “distraction-free mode” without anything on the screen except for the editor. Just focus on your writing!


Image Alignment Made Easy

When you hover over an image in a post/page editor, you’ll see a set of buttons that you can use to edit the image. With WordPress 4.1, these buttons include alignment adjustments. You no longer need to go into the edit mode to change the image alignment; all you need to do is to choose a desired alignment right from these buttons.


Plugin Recommendations

In the “Add Plugins” area, you’ll see a new menu called “Recommended,” where you can find suggested plugins for you, based on you and other WordPress users have installed.


Log In from one device, log out from other

Forgot to log out of the WordPress admin panel on your home computer while rushing out of the door? Now, WordPress 4.1 allows you to log out by going into your profile on a different device, such as a mobile device, and clicking on the “Log Out of All Other Sessions” button.


Change Language Easily

We used to have to choose the language for the site during the WordPress installation. With WordPress 4.1, you can change the language at any time by going to Settings – General.


 Have you tried any of the above new features? Add your comments below and let me know what you think!

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