One of the ways that you can get more exposure for yourself, your business, and your brand is to have an “Author Box” on your WordPress website.  Oh, and you don’t have to be a published author to have one.

What is an “Author Box” you ask?

It’s a box at the bottom of your blog posts that gives some biographical information about you, the author, of your WordPress website.  It’s like having an “About Us” on every blog post, or page you publish on your website.  It uses the information you put into your WordPress Profile for the text, and your picture you have setup with your Gravatar Account.

One way you get an “Author Box” to show up on your WordPress website is to either have a theme that incorporates it into the theme (Both StudioPress Themes* and the Divi Theme* do this).

But if you do not have a theme that does that, there are a few plugins you can use to display an author box.  See pic below from the WP Author Box Lite Plugin for WordPress  ( ).  It also lets you add your social media links in your profile as well, pretty handy to get folks to connect with you.

Here are some Author Box Plugins that you might also want to check out from  (screenshot above – easy to use)

And if you run a ‘multi-author’ website, this comes in really handy to showcase the different authors on your site!

Watch this 3 min YouTube Video that Explains it all:

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think about having an Author Box on your website!


*Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. And if clicked and purchased, we may receive a small compensation for the recommendation.

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