It’s a nice brisk fall Sunday afternoon.  I’m home with my family working on my handouts for my students in the Website Creation Workshop, while my daughter watches a Disney movie. And I thought I’d add a ‘Falling Leaves’ animation on my website today.

It’s a fun plugin called ‘Snow and More’ by Nicolas Kuttler (Outdated now, please see newer article about adding snow to your website here)  that let’s you add leaves, snowflakes, baloons, and more.
(you can also limit it to only occur on a specific page/post)

Here is a screenshot of what it looks like:


You can  control the speed and duration of the images falling.  You can also control how long you want the images to fall for.  I have mine set for 10 seconds.

This is one of the things I like about WordPress.  You can add fun plugins to your site, to entertain your visitors.

This ‘Snow and More’ plugin is  free, and you can  find here at (outdated now)

See updated article here:

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