Have  you had a situation when you wanted to use a special characters like the copyright symbol © on your website but didn’t know how to do that?

Characters like the Trademark Symbol ™ , or the Copyright Symbol ©, or maybe the Registered Trademark Symbol ®

Here are couple of super simple methods to find and insert special characters:

1. Copy and paste method

copyright symbolJust do a Google search and copy & paste the character! For example, Google the word “copyright symbol.” You will for sure see the © in the search results. Simply highlight it, copy (ctrl-c on PC, command-c on Mac), and paste that into your page/post editor of your WordPress site (ctrl-v on PC, command-v on Mac). Voalá!

2. “Special character” tool method

When you are in the WordPress post/page editor, you’ll see something like this:


(If you don’t see the “Special Character” button, click on the “Kitchen Sink” button to expand the toolbar.)

Just have your cursor where you want to insert a special character in the post/page editor, and click on the Special Character button to bring up this screen.


…And simply select the character you want to insert.

Watch this short video below that shows you how to do this!

Easy peasy!

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