One of the things a business owner needs to be able to know (and see) on your computer are your file extensions.  File extensions are the little appendages  .xxx that go at the end of your filenames.  For example ‘myreport.doc’ could be the name of your report, with .doc being the extension. Now this may seem simple and obvious to some, but to others this will be an eye opener. See the illustration below: picture of file extensions Some examples of file extensions are:

  • photo.jpg
  • icon.gif
  • report.doc
  • report.pdf
  • spreadsheet.xls
  • presentation.ppt
  • audio.mp3

It’s very Important to be able to see your file extensions

For example:

a Microsoft Word file has an extension of .doc as in ‘myessay.doc’.

An image file has an extension of .jpg for photos and .gif for graphics as in ‘myphoto.jpg’ or ‘mylogo.gif’

A PDF file has the extension .pdf

When using the program Notepad to write up small text files, it makes files called .txt

An Excel file has the extension .xls

An Audio file has the extension .mp3

And on and on….

When you buy a Windows Machine (PC) it comes, by default, with file extensions turned off. If your file extensions view is turned off, much of Internet Marketing and creating your website with WordPress will not make sense to you! So it’s important that when you go into one of your folders on your computer you see the little .doc, .jpg, .gif, .txt Each computer may be different in how you set that.  Here is how I set mine:

On your PC desktop you go to a folder and open it. Then you go to Tools –> Folder Options Then you click on the ‘View’ Tab Then you UNCHECK ‘Hide File Extensions for Known File Types’

See image below to show you how to do this on a PC

picture of folder options

So look on your computer, and see if you can see your file extensions.  If you don’t then change them so you can see.

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