Q: “Christina, How do I get my image to show up when I comment on WordPress?” I get asked this question so may times from my students of the Website Creation Workshop, that I decided to re-visit this again. The Answer: Get a FREE Gravatar.com account and add your photo there. Here is a YouTube video I created for you to explain it: Let me explain: When you comment on ANY WordPress site, a little tiny photo of you shows up.  If you have a Gravatar.com account, then instead of the little grey “Mystery Man”, you can have your own picture show up.  See Below…


Without a Gravatar


With a Gravatar

A ‘Gravatar’ is your little avatar (photo) that shows up whenever you comment on your WordPress websites, or any other WordPress Website. So go get a free Gravatar.com account, and then leave a comment below and see if your picture shows up!

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