Keeping your WordPress site up to date is very important!  But did you know that WordPress now does updates for you automatically?

Since the Release 3.7, WordPress introduced so called “automatic background updates.” So now maintenance and security updates are automatically applied to your site in the background without you having to do anything.  I love that!

And your website sends you an email letting you know that it’s done!  (If you already have a WordPress site, you should have gotten an email last week)

Didn’t get an email? Or you want the notification sent to your assistant instead? Here is how you can update who receives these system notification emails:


What are the maintenance and security updates?
Those are minor release updates for fixing bugs or improving functionalities, and as a WordPress site owner, you do not see major differences after they take place. These updates are represented by the third set of numbers in the version name, such as 4.6.1.
(The first two sets of numbers — 4.6 in this case — represent major release versions)

When a major new release comes out, you still need to do the update manually. See this for the latest release update.)

If you don’t yet have a WordPress site, or if you DO have one, but are still confused about how it all works, then check out the Website Creation Workshop Training program here

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