Just this past year or so, I started receiving a lot of questions like:

“What’s better: WordPress vs Squarespace”
“My friend says I can build a website with Wix very easily. Is Wix better than WordPress?”

They are talking about other website building tools that have recently became a popular way to build a simple website.

However, these other tools are deceiving, while in the beginning they seem to be quick and easy, they are NOT a tool to use to grow your business.  Some of these tools might claim to own your content.  You have to read the fine print. While they might let you to create a simple website quickly, they are not as scalable, flexible, or professional as WordPress.

So, I don’t recommend or teach Squarespace, Wix or Weebly! 

Why… ?

Because these other tools have too many limitations for anyone who wants to grow a real business. And all of the leaders in our industry use self hosted WordPress just as I do!

Watch this 1 min video:
WordPress vs Squarespace, Wix, or  Weebly :

Chances are, as your business grows, you’ll want your website to have more functions. With WordPress, the possibilities are endless. It’s such a flexible, yet solid website platform that allows you to add plugins, modify the look and feel of the site, and even update any code or scripts you need. You can grow from a 1 person operation, to a large muti-team company.  And if you want to know more go here to learn  the difference between the self hosted WordPress.com and the WordPress.com version

Most of those “other” website builders, are pretty limited in how far you can take customizations. In many ways, they control what you can do, while *you* are in control of what do with your WordPress site.

WordPress vs. Squarespace or Wix or Weebly:

Advantages of WordPress

  • Lots of free and premium themes
  • Depending on the theme, visual editor or drag and drop builder is available
  • Very flexible
  • Lots of free and premium plugins
  • Customizations can be done at all levels
  • Also allows you to edit HTML & CSS
  • Platform is free. You just get a domain and hosting service you like (which often comes with emails and many more functions), and install WordPress on the hosting server. 

Problems with Squarespace

  • Provided tools cannot be modified
  • Non-Squarespace codes/widgets very often cannot be integrated
  • No free plans
  • Hosted on Squarespace without emails (you need to pay extra for emails)

Here is what they say on their terms of service page:

“When you upload content to Squarespace, you still own it. You do, however, give us permission to use it in the ways necessary to provide our services. For example, when you upload a photo, you give us the right to save it, and also to display it on your site at your direction. We also may promote or feature your site, but you can opt out if you don’t want us to do that.”
I don’t know about you, but I would not want to give anyone else permission to use my images or content however they want?!


Problems with Wix

  • Provided tools cannot be modified
  • Non-Wix codes/widgets very often cannot be integrated
  • Hosted on Wix without emails (you need to pay extra for emails)
  • Free version shows ads

Problems with Weebly

  • Provided tools cannot be modified
  • Non-Wix codes/widgets very often cannot be integrated
  • Free plan shows ads
  • Hosted on Weebly without emails (you need to pay extra for emails)
  • Only gives you a subdomain name. You think that it will save you not having to buy a domain name, but it’s unprofessional.
  • Everything that you want to add is going to cost you. Not just an upfront fee but an ongoing monthly fee.

Yes, I am biased.  I think that WordPress is the only way to go!

And why set yourself up one way and have to change down the road.  With WordPress it’s designed to grow with you as your business grows.