When I teach the Website Creation Workshop, I do so using a combination of Teleseminars and Webinars.  Well this blog post is to help explain the difference between a teleseminar and a webinar. Teleseminars are very popular for biz owners on the internet. You invite people to a conference call , and you give them a phone number and pin code. You can decide to have a handout for your audience with a teleseminar, to give them some visuals, but there is no live moving video with it. See a screen shot of the Instant Teleseminar Event system (the one I use) below But the main point of a teleseminar is that there is no live moving video to watch. Teleseminars are great because it does not require a lot of skill on the part of the attendee.  If you use the Instant Teleseminar Event system, then you can give your audience the ability to listen on their computer, and save money on long distance charges.  Great for overseas folks! You can find out more about this at www.InstantTeleseminarEvent.com(my link for that) But Webinars are becoming more and more popular for people because it adds the visuals of a live video during your presentations. They take a bit more skill on the part of the attendee, because they need to download software on their computer, and it’s not as easy to talk to the moderator on the call.  (an extra audio pin is required, or a telephone headset is required if you are using your computer to speak).  And it often happens that people don’t know how to get on a webinar, or how they  work. I love webinars, because the ability to show moving video is VERY beneficial to people when learning WordPress. The system I use is Gotowebinar (GotoMeeting) (my link for them) I created a video to explain HOW to get on a webinar.

Just Click the Video Below….It’s quick. 3 min 42 seconds.


Thanks to Lorrie Morgan Ferraro for being my case study in this video (If you’d like to get a trial account of Gotowebinar(GotoMeeting), then just click here)

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