Christina Hills With Reid Tracy and Christian Mickelsen giving Book Website advise

Christina Hills With Reid Tracy and Christian Mickelsen

 Over the weekend, I went to a live event with Christian Mickelsen , and had the chance to have lunch with Reid Tracy of Hay House Publishing. We talked about authors and their websites; needless to say, we had a wonderful discussion!

And I’d like to share the biggest takeaway from our conversation. Are you ready for this?

He told me that authors should NOT have a book website!

That’s right, if you are an author, don’t build a website dedicated to a book you wrote. Instead, you should have an Author Website!

Think about it. If someone visits your book website, that’s all they will see: information on your book. If they visit your Author Website where you showcase all the books you wrote, they will not only see one of your books, but also find out about your other books and programs that you offer.

Here is a quick 5 min  video to explain the concept:

Don’t you ever have experiences of going to a bookstore to find one particular book, but ending up walking out with a few more books because you “happened to see other books.” It’s kind of like that.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a domain name that represents each of your books. Here is one strategy you might want to consider:

  1. Build a page within your Author Website dedicated to one book. (ex.
  2. Buy the domain name for that book. (ex.
  3. Forward that domain name to go to the book page on your Author Website. (You can set this up with your domain company. In this example, people who type in in their browser will be automatically taken to with this setup.)

This “Author Site + domain forwarding” setup is simple, effective, and economical, too! So if you are an author, I strongly recommend considering this setup. Thank you, Reid, for this great idea!

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