I’d like to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

You can find me on Facebook Here: http://www.ChristinaHills.com/facebook

(hit the ‘like’ button when you get there)

You can find me on Twitter http://www.ChristinaHills.com/twitter

(if you follow me, I will follow you back)

and we can connect on LinkedIn http://www.ChristinaHills.com/linkedin
Go ahead and send me an invitation to connect.
(yes I am still learning how to use LinkedIn too)

And here’s why I am thinking of it now…

I just got back from Portland  at Brendon Burchard’s studio shooting some video with my colleagues Paul Colligan, Amy Porterfield and Haley Hohengarten.  We are creating this for Mike Koenigs’ Social Media Marketing Machines program.

And in these segments we are teaching about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and of course WordPress.

Then it dawned on me:  I have not invited you to connect with me there on those channels. (Duh! Silly me..)

If you are not yet on any of the channels: Facebook,  Twitter, or LinkedIn I suggest you open an account and get started.

REMEMBER: it’s more important to get going, than to get it perfect!

So let’s connect!

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