Email Overwhelm…. do you have it?  Many folks do, and I have a simple solution to help manage that, in an easy way, while you grow your business.

Here is what happens, you start a business and say to yourself:  “I want all my email to come to one place so I can manage it!”

So you create an email address and things go along smoothly in the beginning until….

Your business starts to grow and you:

  • You sign up for people’s newsletters or free opt in boxes
  • You buy products online
  • You start signing up for other people’s affiliate programs
  • You sell your own products online and have customer service inquiries

And then your inbox is cluttered with a lot of stuff that you cannot sort through because you cannot tell WHY you are getting those emails!
You want to read them all, but without knowing under what context the person is sending it to you, it’s hard to know if it’s something you should read right now.

Here is my simple solution:

  1. Create a few email addresses that are forwarders (or separate email boxes)
  2. Then, use a different name for all these different email addresses
  3. Set up folders in your email system to fork that email.

For example:  Let’s say your name is Jane Smith, and you have a domain called “” use these different combinations when you:

Sign up for a newsletter :   “JaneOptIn Smith” –  [email protected]

Purchase a Product Online :  “JaneCustomer Smith” – [email protected]

Sign up for an affiliate program : “JaneAffiliate Smith” – [email protected]

Manage YOUR customer service: “JaneSupport Smith” – [email protected]

Now you will have all your email sorted, and as you bring on staff or Virtual Assistants to help you, you will have a system that makes it easy to pass off the load to others.

Comments/Questions?  Enter them below with your ideas on managing email overwhelm.

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