When you hear the term, “Info Product,”  also known as an “Information Product” what comes to your mind?

While I haven’t found a specific clear-cut definition, an “info product” normally refers to a product that contains any knowledge/intellectual property/know-how that’s useful to others. In the online marketing world,  they typically come in formats like ebooks, PDFs, audio recordings, video recordings, etc. I’m sure you’ve seen many variations of these products.

Needless to say, creating an “info product” is a great way to share your knowledge and create income. What you need to do is to take your expertise, package into an info product formats, and sell it online. This opens up more possibilities beyond coaching or consulting.

Let’s say you run an in-person or over-the-phone one-on-one  consulting business. To do a consultation, you need to set a specific timeslot for when both you and your client are available. But if you also have an “info product” where you share your expertise, you can reach more people at a more affordable price.

How an Info Product Can Benefit You:

  • People can purchase it most likely at a fraction of your regular consulting fee.
  • They can study the content whenever it’s convenient for them.
  • They can also it from your website 24/7.
  • And you can making money even when you are asleep (“passive income”).

Selling an info product can be simple and easy.  However, just like anything you do in business, you want to be strategic about it.

The short video clip below, for example, outlines the 4 “levels” of information that you should be aware of when creating an info product. By paying attention to these 4 levels, you are going to have the most success from it.


To summarize the video…

Here are the 4 things info products should do:

  • Provide and teach information
  • Connect with the audience in an emotional way
  • Help people take action
  • Help people get results

If you approach creating your information product this way, you will be able to create a fabulous info product that folks will rave about!

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