Have you been thinking about creating an online course? Are you wondering if it’s right for you? Is this the next step for you in your business?

Developing an online course can be an exciting and profitable opportunity. According to Forbes the online learning industry is growing at a rapid rate and is expected to reach $325 billion by the year 2025. People are going online to learn a new skill or gain new expertise. Online courses attract business owners, career changers, college students, parents, and also hobbyists. 

There are big benefits to sharing your expertise with the world through an online course. You’ll reach a larger audience and increase your impact. The ‘virtual’ aspect of an online course makes it a relatively low-cost endeavor for you and your students. Finally, it’s a proven way to scale your business and build a recurring income. 

However, you may still be unsure if course creation is a good fit for you. Here are three hints from the universe that you’re ready to create your own course. 

1) People Often Ask for Your Help, Assistance, or Advice

Are there things you know that people ask you over and over? Are these things easy for you? Do you find yourself using the skills and expertise you gained in business or through study to help others?

An online course is simply packaging up all your expertise and giving it to people. People have problems they need help with. If you find yourself frequently solving the same problems for people over and over, then you’ve got a course inside you waiting to be created. 

2) You’ve Already Written or Created Some Content

You may not realize it… but perhaps you’ve already started creating some course content.

Have you written anything that teaches what you know? Articles? Blog posts? Books? Handouts for clients? Have you created any videos or audios? Interviews? Got recordings of talks you’ve given?

If you have some content you’ve written, recorded, or created, you can easily turn this into an online course. Your best piece of content can be a great starting point for an online course. What have you already created that solves a problem for someone?

3) You’re Ready for a Bigger Audience

Perhaps you’re helping people now. Maybe you’re doing one-on-one client work. Or maybe you have expertise from a career in business or academia and you’re ready to work with your own audience. Online courses are a great way for you to expand into something new. 

If any of these hints are present in your life, I invite you to come to my live webinar this week “How to Turn What You Already Know Into an Outstanding Online Course That Sells Itself”

In it, I’ll show you my method for creating your own online course. I’ve created multiple courses over the past 17 years. And after being asked by my clients for years (Hint #1 above!), I’m now teaching you how to create your own online course. Please join me on this webinar. It’ll be fun!

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