These days, pretty much everyone needs a website.  Whether you are a service based coach, a professional consultant, an artist or healer, or any professional person: you need a website.

But the question is: Should You Build it Yourself, Or Should You Outsource it to a Webmaster?

Now I recommend using WordPress as the software that runs your website.  It works if you are doing a blog, or a regular website.  It’s easy to access from any computer, and the search engines love it!

So here are the typical steps to building a website that you need to get your site online:

  1. Installing the WordPress software on Your own Web Hosting
  2. Selecting a Design and Layout for your Website
  3. Adding Your Initial Content (your web pages) to Your Website
  4. Updating Your Website with Fresh Content (more web pages)
  5. Maintaining Your Website with software updates on an ongoing basis

I recommend that you learn to do these things yourself, so that you have total control of your business and website and so that you are not at the mercy of anyone else.   However, the most important part of running your website yourself is adding your content to your site and updating your website with fresh content.

1) If you have the right hosting company I use   (my affiliate link) as my hosting company.  I love them. They are very helpful, and I can get a WordPress website installed in 5 minutes.

2) The web designs I use for my WordPress websites come from (my affiliate link) and my favorite “Theme” is the Extra Theme and the Divi Theme. You can find that at (my affiliate link).  That is the theme I use for this blog.  You can find my other recommendations and resources at  Christina’s Resources website:

3) Adding your content, is just something you need to cut and paste into your WordPress website.  That is the creative part of building your site.  Use your intuition and common sense (plus a little bit of keyword research), when building your webpages.  Does it look good to you?  Does your pages make sense?

4) To update your site with fresh content, just means to add more pages and blog posts.  Easy enough.

5) Updating your WordPress software consists of clicking a few buttons each time there is an update.  (we do this together in my classes)

So if you are interested in taking control of your online business, I can help you in my Website Creation Workshop!  It’s an 9 module online course where I take you through the process of building your website yourself (without the need for a webmaster).  It’s an interactive class, and we have a lot of fun in it.  Just take a look at some of the testimonials and example case study websites from my students)

The next Website Creation Workshop will begin soon! Watch your email for updates.  (if you are not on the email list, go here to get notified)