Are you selling products or services on your website? Are you experimenting with different marketing techniques to increase sales? Try adding a Sales Letter page to your website to increase orders and boost sales.

A “Sales Letter” page is a single page on your website. It can be long or short, depending on the product you’re selling. The main goal is to lead the visitor through an explanation of the product and get them to the order form at the bottom of the page. The Sales Letter page has no distracting sidebars, opt-ins, or pop-ups.

What’s the Purpose of a Sales Letter Page?

When you’re picking out a high-priced item in person – whether it’s a car, major appliance, or even a college –  you start out in “research mode”. You pick out a potential product to meet your needs and discuss the product with a customer service person. You ask many questions and expect many answers, which enables you to make a better decision.

When you’re selling online, a sales letter functions in place of an in-person sales rep. It explains the benefits of the products and offers success stories from others who have used the product or service. In many cases, the Sales Letter page anticipates objections and answers those as well. Just like a salesperson would do in person.

The ultimate goal of the Sales Letter page is to persuade the visitor to purchase the product or service. 

You can see an example of this for my Graphics Creation Workshop Program here

Screenshot of the Sales Letter for the Graphics Creation Workshop 

Why Should You Have A Sales Letter?

It can be time-consuming to craft a sales letter. However, the extra effort will pay off in several ways.

  • Increases sales
  • Builds credibility with your audience
  • Forces you to fine-tune your marketing message to potential customers
  • Long sales letter text can boost SEO

Structure of a Typical Website

This image below illustrates the structure of a typical/regular website:

diagram of a website

Your main website follows a structure like the above. It’s your “home base” where people visit you to learn more about you. You can establish yourself as an expert, share who you are, show what services/products you offer, provide ways for people to contact you, and more.

It’s meant to provide various information to satisfy your website visitors. If you successfully engage a website visitor, he or she will hang out on your website by going through more than one page or blog post. That’s what you want!

Your Website + Your Sales Letter Pages

There’s one main difference between a sales letter page and a regular webpage. A sales page exists for the sole purpose of selling a product or service. So, once somebody visits that page, you don’t want her to click around and go to other pages. You want people to spend time on that page and read through the content without clicking away. For that reason, a Sales Letter page stands on its own, independent of your main website in terms of design.

diagram of a main website with 3 sales letter pages along side of it

To keep people engaged on your Sales Letter Page, don’t include:

  • site navigation menus
  • social media buttons
  • other hyperlinks – except for your shopping cart button link and legal page links

Your focus should be on ONLY one product/service you are selling. Many marketers even like to use a unique domain name for each sales page.

Here’s a screenshot of my blog website and some sales pages. The one on the left is my main blog website, and the three shown on the right are my sales pages that are independent of my main site.

screenshot of a blog website and 3 sales letter sites


At this point, you may be asking yourself, “Do I need a Sales Letter Page?” If you’re just getting started with selling online, you don’t need a Sales Letter page right away. 

First, you need to establish yourself as a trusted authority for your business. Your main website and its 6 essential pages will help you do that. But if you start selling higher-priced products or Info Products, you’ll want to create a Sales Letter page. 

The goal of a Sales Letter page is to sell. It also enables you to have a conversation with your visitor, explaining how you can help them. There are no sidebars, buttons, or opt-ins to distract the visitor. He can focus entirely on your offer and whether it meets his needs. 

For my sales letter pages, I use the Divi theme Because it’s super flexible! Find out more about the Divi theme for WordPress here 


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