While many of my Website Creation Workshop students are somewhat familiar with the process of establishing a new website when first coming into the program, there are some people who are not. In my training program, I go over the process of establishing a website from start to finish so that you don’t need to waste time just trying to “figure it out.”

In the video below, I explain how to open a hosting account, using Bluehost (www.TheBestHostNow.com – my link for them)  hosting account as an example.  I have used Blue Host for many years, and love their support and how easy it is to communicate with them on the phone.

Getting your domain name is the first step, and that’s pretty straightforward. What most people struggle with is how to open a web hosting account, install WordPress there, and connect your domain name with it.
While there are many domain name registrars: i.e. Godaddy.com for example, and web hosting companies who also let you register a domain name, I recommend that you keep the two separate and use 2 different companies.  This makes it much easier to change hosts at any time if you decide you don’t like the company you are with. And always remember: no hosting company is perfect!
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