Have you been considering adding a clock plugin to your website?  Well if you have an online business, then you are going to have clients and customers all over the globe.  And when scheduling time with your clients, either one-on-one, or in group coaching calls, you are going to want to make sure that everyone shows up at the same time!  So why not add a cool clock to your website!

While the online world seems to be governed by techie digital devices, I still love things in the old fashioned analog format. There is something about clocks with faces, that instantly bring back memories from earlier days, and they are simply nicer to look at compared to digital clocks.

So, I decided to add a clock plugin to one of my websites just for fun, and I naturally wanted it to be an analog clock. Here is a simple free plugin you can use to add a clock to your WordPress website.

Cool Clock Plugin

clock plugin

This super-easy plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/coolclock/) lets you create an analog clock to display on your website (either on a page/post or on your sidebar). You can use one of the 22 provided skins (so easy!) or create your own skin (if you want to get techie)

And with Daylight Saving Time in the USA ending this weekend, you may want to add this cool clock on your website now! It’s especially handy if you run live group coaching calls in a Webinar or Teleseminar. You want to make sure they all show up for the live call.  And it’s one clock in your life you don’t have to remember to set the clocks back when Daylight Savings Time changes!

To see this clock in action,  I created it in the right hand sidebar on my ChristinasResources.com website:

clock plugin on christinas resources website

If you go there to that resources site you will see that the clock keeps ticking (well, only without the ticking sound) on the live site. And before you add any plugin, you should ask yourself these questions before installing a plugin

Do you know any other little fun plugins like this? Please share in the comments section below!

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