When you first get your WordPress website installed, it will come with a standard set of features.  But when you add WordPress plugins, then your website becomes unique to you, and gives your site the ‘bells and whistles’ to make it really sing.

Fun WordPress Plugins

Plugins add Fun & Functionality

So what is a ‘Plugin’? A WordPress plugin is extra software code that you can easily add to your website from within your admin area that give you extra functionality, such as extra Search Engine Optimization, or a fancy way to print out your web pages.  Many plugins are free, in fact most of the one’s I use are free.  But sometimes you may want to pay for a premium plugin that is more advanced and complex than some simple free ones. My favorite premium plugin is a fantastic one called WishList Member.  Wishlist member is a plugin that will turn your website into a membership site.  It’s the system I’m using for my Spring Website Creation Workshop Program.

The beauty of WordPress is that it has made it easy to add plugins to your site, and you don’t have to pay a programmer to install it for you.  And most of the time, if there is something you’d like your WordPress website to do, you can find a plugin that will do it.
I love the car analogy:  When you buy a car, you get the standard features.  But if you want a sun roof, CD player, chrome wheels,  then those are extra options.  And each person who buys a car can customize their car with these options.  Same holds true with plugins.
What I love about plugins, is that when the plugin author updates it, you get a nice little message in your admin panel to upgrade.  All it takes is a couple of clicks and you are done!
The following quote is from WordPress.org, giving their definition of a plugin:

“Plugins are tools to extend the functionality of WordPress. This article contains a list of plugins by category, and links to other plugin repositories. The core of WordPress is designed to be lean, to maximize flexibility and minimize code bloat. Plugins offer custom functions and features so that each user can tailor their site to their specific needs. WordPress Plugins are available from several sources. The “official” sources for WordPress Plugins are: Official WordPress Plugins Repository

Here are just a few of the Plugins I love:

WishList Memberhttp://christinasresources.com/wishlist  (my link for it)
BackupBuddy: http://www.christinasresources.com/backupbuddy (my link for it)
Duplicate Post by Lopo: https://wordpress.org/plugins/duplicate-post/
TinyMCE Advanced by Andrew Oz: https://wordpress.org/plugins/tinymce-advanced/
Quick Page/Posts Redirect by Don Fisher: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/quick-pagepost-redirect-plugin/
Foo Gallery by Bradvin and FooPlugins : https://wordpress.org/plugins/foogallery/

If you find a plugin that is free, that you really love, then click on their donate button and help support these wonderful plugin authors who give their time to contribute to the world of WordPress. Print This Post Print This Post