Over the last 15 years, I’ve coached hundreds of students through building their WordPress websites. I’ve met a lot of non-techie business owners with many WordPress questions. These questions range from “How long does it take to learn WordPress?” to “Is it possible to collect emails on my website?” In this article, I’ll share answers to the 12 most common questions about WordPress. 

Learning WordPress is a process that involves asking questions, experimenting, and gaining knowledge. Fortunately, the WordPress platform focuses on making the process affordable and user-friendly. Millions of people who use WordPress didn’t learn overnight. They were all newbies at one point and had to develop a new skill. Although, it helps to start with some answers to a few questions so you know what to expect.


12 Commonly Asked WordPress Questions:


1) Why is WordPress the best platform to build a website?

With 40% of the market share, WordPress is the most popular website platform. However, it does have a few competitors. Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace are the most well-known. These website builders can help you create a simple website, but I don’t recommend them for online business owners. Why? WordPress is more flexible, cost-effective, and better at search engine optimization (SEO). In addition, these other tools have too many limitations for anyone who wants to grow a real business.

2) What is the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org?

WordPress.com and WordPress.org are two different platforms. WordPress.com is a hosted service where you can create and publish a website online without worrying about hosting or technical aspects. On the other hand, the self-hosted version of WordPress – WordPress.org – comes with WordPress software you can install on your own hosting, giving you more control and flexibility over your site. I teach students how to build self-hosted WordPress websites on their selected hosting provider

3) What is a domain name and web hosting?

Your domain name is the URL of your website. For example, the domain name of my business is https://websitecreationworkshop.com. People often use their name as their domain name—for example, https://christinahills.com. You want to choose a domain name that accurately reflects what the website is about.  Think of your domain name like the sign outside a retail store.

 Web hosting is the service you need to store the content of your website. Your web hosting will be linked to your domain name, allowing your website to be viewed online. Think of web hosting as the building that houses a retail store. We give you a student project in the Website Creation Workshop, so you don’t have to worry about domain name and website hosting immediately.


4) How long does it take to build a WordPress website?

The time to build a WordPress website varies. It’s possible to complete a website in a few weeks if you’re familiar with the platform and have all the content ready. However, if you’re unfamiliar with WordPress, building your website will most likely take a few months, depending on how much time you have each week to devote to the project. The Website Creation Workshop will teach you how to build your WordPress website at your own pace, plus offer coaching and accountability every step of the way. 

5) How will I find images for my website?

High-quality, professional-looking images are a key aspect of your website. There are a few ways to find images for your website. First, check out the free stock photo websites. Always read the terms of service before downloading images and using them on your website or social media. Another option is to use photos that you’ve taken yourself. Finally, you can create custom images and graphics. In the Graphics Creation Workshop, I teach you how to design eye-catching images using free tools like Canva. 


6) What are the essential pages for my website? Can I also have a blog on my website?

The four essential pages for any website are the Home page, Contact page, Services (or products) page, and your About page. You’ll also want to include a Testimonials page, an FAQ page, and a Privacy Policy page. Just a note: I’ll be teaching a live webinar on this topic in a few weeks. 

You don’t have to have a blog on your website. However, sharing blog posts via email and social media is an effective marketing strategy. It’s a fantastic way to stay in front of your target audience with relevant and valuable content.  

7) Do I need to design my WordPress website from scratch, or are there design templates?

The great thing about WordPress is the wide selection of themes or design templates you can use for your website. This means you can find a layout you like and add your personalized content and images. It makes building a website so much easier. I have detailed videos in the Website Creation Workshop on using several of my favorite WordPress themes, including Divi, Hestia, Ashe, Sydney, and Spacious. 

8) Can I collect email subscribers through my website?

Yes, you can collect email subscribers through your WordPress websites. These are commonly called opt-in forms or opt-in boxes. You’ll set this up after you’ve completed your website and picked an email marketing company. There are several email marketing companies to choose from, depending on what features you need. 

9) Can I sell my products and/or services from my website?

Yes! Creating an online store on your WordPress website is easy with plugins such as the WooCommerce plugin. Or, if you sell services, you can book appointments with a plugin like Calendly or use a 3rd party payment processor like PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle

10) What are plugins, and how do I install them?

Plugins are tools that add a specific function or capability to your WordPress site. You can think of them as apps for your smartphone. For example, some plugins allow you to do backups, install a form, check for broken links, create an image gallery, and more. Before installing a plugin, be sure to ask yourself these questions. In the Website Creation Workshop, we have an entire module dedicated to plugins and finding the right ones for your website. 

11) How will the search engines find my site?

Search engines like Google use software called “web crawlers” that scan the web regularly for the website to add to their index. It’s important to optimize your website to rank higher in search engine results. When building a website, you need a basic understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to design your pages and posts with SEO in mind. 

12) How do I maintain my website without paying a web person a ton of money?

The idea of building your own website can be intimidating. However, the alternative is paying thousands of dollars for someone to build it for you. Someone who may not be responsive when you have changes or updates. In the Website Creation Workshop, I’ll walk you through each step of creating your WordPress website and how to manage it moving forward. Plus, you’ll get live coaching where my tech coaches and I address your questions.

Take the Next Step…

Building a WordPress website is a rewarding process. It’s exciting to see the finished website, and there’s also a sense of accomplishment in learning something new and improving your skills. Some of my students, who never believed they could, have made wonderful websites.

Are you ready to start? You now have answers to the common questions about WordPress. You’ll learn even more in the Website Creation Workshop. I’ll guide you through making a website that’s easy to update, works well on search engines, and doesn’t need special web design skills.

Invest in yourself and your business! Join this interactive program with videos, audio, PDFs, and step-by-step guidance. Click the button below to learn about the next Website Creation Workshop program. It’s coming up soon…


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